Jason Aldean Cheating Scandal: Brittany Kerr Deactivates Twitter

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Over the weekend, country singer Jason Aldean came under fire when pictures of him making out with former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr surfaced online. Of course, had he not been married, it is unlikely that this would have made the gossip news sites. Unfortunately, he is married with two kids and his “drunken mistake” was frowned upon. Aldean has since apologized, blaming alcohol and while he will continue to have his career, Brittany Kerr’s budding career may be put on hold.

In today’s technological driven age, Twitter and Facebook are key components for up and coming artists. Without that outlet, it becomes hard to interact with fans and to get your name out there. Kerr has faced a barrage of backlash due to the kiss and was forced to deactivate her Twitter account, according to TMZ. Despite claiming that she was unaware of Aldean’s marital status, people continued to ridicule her, calling her a home wrecker (among other things.)

Even though she has been able to put a stop to the bullying on her Twitter page, the hate continues to spew on one of her Facebook fan pages. There, people continue to leave nasty comments aimed at the singer. Some have even disputed her claim that she did not know Aldean was a married man.

It is a shame to see a young woman bullied so bad that she needs to leave social networking, but it is to be expected, unfortunately. A lot of people feel that she kissed the country singer simply to catapult her name back into the headlines and, if that was her intent, it definitely worked.

What do you think? Is Brittany Kerr a home wrecker or is Jason Aldean at fault?

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