Jason Russell Naked on Video Released Shows Disturbing Behavior

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Jason Russell, the director behind Kony 2012, is seen in a new video fully naked on a San Diego street Thursday. He’s acting out of control as he throws various gestures around and pounds the pavement aggressively with his fists. TMZ obtained the footage and can be seen here.

The disturbing footage shows Russell naked and without conscious as he reveals all to San Diego residents driving by. News came out Thursday that the Kony director and co-founder of Invisible Children was allegedly masturbating while being publicly naked. The TMZ video only shows Jason from behind, but viewers get the picture.

Jason’s wife, Danica Russell, blames the impact of his mini-documentary which showed how children are forced into being killing machines under the influence of Joseph Kony in Uganda. She said his actions weren’t the result of substance abuse, but from dehydration and exhaustion. Kony 2012 was a very personal project for Jason and for the video to capture 80 million views in just a few short weeks drew a lot of criticism, which may have played a role in him having a meltdown.

Russell is now on what is called a 5150 psychiatric hold for about three days. It will be determined in that time if he’s a threat to others or himself. Police said he won’t be charged with any crime.

Was the pressure too much for Jason Russell to deal with since Kony got so much attention? It goes to show no one knows how popular a video will be and when it will go viral. Normally it’s a good thing, but in this person’s case, it seems to have taken the opposite effect.

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