Javi Marroquin Reveals His Tattoos Meet Military Standards

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Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry seem like the perfect couple. Although they have had their differences, they always manage to work out things for the best. With their big wedding coming up this weekend, the two are busy planning the event. Now, Javi is revealing that he and Kail are “like clockwork.”

After revealing his watch tattoo (which is similar to Kail’s piece) he said, “We’re like clockwork @KailLowry #1005.”

These two are pretty in sync and things have worked out in their favor for the past few months. Initially, Javi was supposed to get stationed in Kansas, leaving the possibility for Kailyn and Isaac to move along with seem slim. At the last minute, his orders were diverted to Delaware, much closer to their Pennsylvania home (and to Isaac’s dad, Jo). They know share a home together and are working on finalizing arrangements to ensure that Isaac can move with them.

He later revealed that the “1005” signifies when he and Kailyn met. Although their clocks are similar, Javi and Kail also have matching “Infinity” tattoos.

This is the newest tattoo that Javi has revealed; he also has another piece on his arm that was done by the same studio. Of course, people had to find the negative aspect of the tattoos and started to wonder if perhaps his tattoos were out of line for his military career. A lot of military members have tattoos these days, but there are some special requirements regarding placement.

Javi Marroquin revealed his ink meets all military standards saying, “Thank you, none of them show with my uniform on so they are fine,” and “No mine aren’t out of regs even with my shirt on you can barely see them.”

So, even though it looks like he has a lot of ink, the military is okay with it! Hopefully now, people can stop making assumptions and giving him a hard time!

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