Jay Cutler Breaks His Thumb – Is His Season Over?

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Jay Cutler has been hot all season but now he has a broken thumb and a lot of rehabilitation time ahead of him before he can play ball.

The injury–which occurred during Sunday’s game against San Diego–happened to the Chicago Bears player during a winning game. Sadly, the digit that is now broken is on Cutler’s throwing hand, the right one which is the wrong one when it comes to tossing a football.

According to Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune, two separate sources say that Jay Cutler will be out of the game for from six to eight weeks but that “the Bears will avoid putting him on injured reserve in order to have him for any possible playoff games.”

Meanwhile, Michael C. Wright of ESPNChicago submits that Cutler, a star player, will “undergo surgery and could miss the rest of the regular season.”

Neither assertion bodes well for Jay Cutler, who broke his thumb in Sunday’s game against San Diego, and now may suffer much more than just a pain in this particular region of the body. Or any other for that matter.

Take care Jay Cutler, and get well soon. Chicago needs you–badly!

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