Jay Cutler Has Reason to Help Chicago Bears beat Tim Tebow

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Denver Broncos fans are still sour about how Jay Cutler clawed his way out of town in 2009 and joined the Chicago Bears. Even as Tim Tebow keeps Denver winning, it’s a given that, although sidelined, Cutler has every reason to help Chicago win.

Cutler and Tebow are on totally different palates of the NFL quarterback table

Just throwing in the tape and comparing Cutler and Tebow is easy. From pure talent for playing the position, Cutler is a better NFL quarterback. Denver Broncos fans would quickly point out that their new favorite son led their team to six-straight wins. Jay Cutler supporters would then counter that he had the Chicago Bears roaring to five-straight before he broke his thumb. Both quarterbacks are athletic and can run. The biggest difference is Cutler has far and away a better arm than Tim Tebow. Some say he has the best arm in football. Yet that doesn’t change that the Broncos host the Bears with all the momentum on their side. So why are Denver fans still so bitter?

Kyle Orton experiment and Josh McDaniels fiasco added fuel

The NFL is a business built on great ironies. People called former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels crazy when he drafted Tebow in the first round of the 2010 draft. He’s also the man who sent Jay Cutler packing to Chicago for three picks and Kyle Orton. It took only two seasons for Denver to grow fed up with both McDaniels and Orton, while also showing a bit of hypocrisy by clamoring for Tebow to start. Now the Chicago Bears visit the Mile High city three years after the blockbuster trade happened, and most fans feel cheated out of seeing the results in the first head-to-head showdown with Cutler as a Bear. Instead he will sit on the sideline and watch. Make no mistake, though. He will not play, but Cutler won’t stop finding a way to crush the hopes of the team that showed him the door.

Settled home life with Kristin Cavallari will allow focus for Cutler on Sunday

Jay Cutler has remained quiet on his opinions of Tim Tebow. Every time he’s asked about the Denver Broncos and their unlikely turnaround, he gives the classic practiced response. It’s a huge swing from the upfront honesty he was known for in seasons past. Perhaps that change is somewhat attributed to his evolving life at home with fiancée Kristin Cavallari. Since the couple formed last year, Cutler has posted winning records in two-straight seasons. All the knocks against him from lack of leadership to too many interceptions have vanished. Breaking his thumb was bad luck, but the recent skid by the Chicago Bears shows how good Jay really was. Kristin Cavallari may have her reputations, but she definitely had a positive effect. Now that Cutler is no longer tabloid fodder, he is free to focus on helping his understudy Caleb Hanie disrupt Tebowmania.

It might take another few years for Jay Cutler to finally settle his score with the Denver Broncos. Until that time, fans can stayed contented knowing that he is hard at work helping his teammates solve the Tim Tebow puzzle. At least then people can remember what the Broncos became after he left.

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