Jay Cutler’s MCL is Torn: Still Calling Him Rude Names?

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The Chicago Bears’ Jay Cutler tore his MCL in yesterday’s game against the Green Bay Packers. That is short for the medial collateral ligament, one of four that the knee relies on for stability. If that goes, you really can’t stand up on your own two feet.

The extent of the knee injury that took Cutler out of yesterday’s game hadn’t been made known to the public until this morning. And instead of sympathizing with him, many Bears fans decided he was being a wimp. To put it politely.

jay cutler mcl torn,jay cutler,mcl,jay cutler chicago bears,what is a mclBut now that folks know Jay Cutler’s MCL is torn, will they sing a new song? Or apologize for doing stupid things like burning his uniform in the parking lot? Some might, but some probably won’t.

The Chicago Sun-Times broke the news about Jay Cutler’s torn MCL this morning. They note that he was hit on the outside of his knee, which is where that ligament is located.

Cutler took that hit late in the second quarter of Sunday’s game. When he was checked out during halftime, the team decided to remove him from the game completely. A MRI will tell how badly he’s injured later today.

Now that you know Jay Cutler’s MCL is torn, does that change your opinion of how the Bears-Packers game went? Do you think he’s still a wimp or that p-word which won’t be repeated on a family website?

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