Jay Mohr’s New Book + Did Wife Nikki Cox Have Too Much Surgery?

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Comedian, actor, father and now writer, Jay Mohr was on “The View” today to discuss his new book. “No Wonder My Parents Drank: Tales from a Stand-Up Dad” is about Mohr’s experience of “modern fatherhood.” He shares stories that are funny, moving, embarrassing and all-together relatable about being a dad.

On “The View” today, the “Gary Unmarried” star talked about his own father, who he said loved him the best way he knew how, and about his son, who is 7.

He told an anecdote about his son having to dress up for a Favorite Rock Star or Actor day at his school. He said the little boy called him while he was on the road and told him he’d picked Jay to be his Favorite Actor. And when Jay said, “What are you gonna wear to dress up like me?” his son said, “Oh, it’s too hard to explain. But they’ll know from my energy.”

I can only imagine how much fun it must be to be Jay Mohr’s son must be.

Mohr is married to actress, Nikki Cox. They’ve been married for four years.

Sadly, it seems like Cox, 31, who is a very beautiful woman has had a lot of plastic surgery in the last several years.


New Jersey Nets vs New York Knicks in New York

This recent shot of her at a basketball game shows her looking very different from earlier photos.

NBC All-Star Event - Arrivals

It always kills me to see a relatively young woman have so much surgery that she looks older and unnatural.

I guess Jay Mohr doesn’t mind, though! He seems to love his wife and he told several cute stories about their marriage on “The View” today!

How do you think Nikki looks?

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