Jaycee Dugard: Family Awarded 20 Million Dollar Settlement in Case for Kidnapped Girl

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Jaycee Dugard, freed kidnapping victim after having been missing for over two decades has now been awarded by lawmakers $20 million in settlements for her case from the state of California. The cause for the high award amount is due to parole officers failure to do their job to find young Jaycee Dugard while monitoring the convicted rapist who held her captive. According to Yahoo news, the settlement was approved Thursday for Jaycee Dugard and her family, her two daughters. The three were discovered in August 2009, two decades after her initial disappearance in the backyard of convicted rapist, suspect Philip Garrido.

Is the $20 million settlement compensation enough for the family to restart their lives after 20 years of confinement and seclusion from society? The question is, after all these years and with the amount of publicity and overwhelming number of questions directed towards Jaycee Dugard from the media, her family, and new friends, will she be able to integrate into society and have a normal life? It is very likely the settlement will take care of the majority of her needs if properly allocated towards her cost of living, lifestyle, and maintaining her physical and mental health. The funds could provide a very nice life for herself and her kids, free of some everyday stress and concerns that plague many families in the current economy. The biggest purpose of the money should be to replace lost income that she is unable to earn or will never be able to earn. Many would assume the money will cover costs of therapy over the  upcoming years. How do you put a pricetag on the damages caused to a girl kidnapped nearly two decades ago and the continuing damages to her life and health going forward, which will undoubtedly continue throughout her entire life?

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