JC Penny’s Lesbian Catalog Moms vs Backwards Moms

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JC Penny’s new Mother’s Day catalog includes a lesbian couple and a child as part of the normal landscape of American families. Unfortunately, an anti-gay group has targeted the ad and the company. They don’t like their marketing strategy of including this picture in the catalog as part of their normal families of 2012. Whether the group likes it or not, two lesbian moms are very much the part of normalcy today.

With all that’s going on in the world, why would adults organize and spend their time targeting the portrayal of a lesbian family in a catalog? Kids are starving and people are dying of poverty in this world, just think of the good all this energy redirected would do for those moms struggling to feed their kids instead of putting down an all-American family?

The real crimes towards American families have nothing to do with loving couples, no matter if they’re same-sex or not. The real tragedies are the families in poverty. If the group A Million Mothers got angry at poverty and worked toward elevating that problem, their energy would help out ridding a real tragedy. Instead of getting together to try to oust Ellen DeGeneres as the spokesperson for JC Penny’s because she happens to love a woman, if they work on ways to feed the starving kids, the world would be such a better place.

The group is calling for some major action within the JC Penny stores. They urge people to complain to the store managers about the lesbian couple in print so that they will in turn report this to the head office. The group is complaining that last time they suggested people talk to the store managers, they got brushed off. This time they claim if JC Penny’s wants their business, they’ll listen, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It looks like these moms are teaching their kids how to participate in a protest coming from out of the middle ages. Give them an ultimatium of excluding part of the population so the elite can take over and shop. This is a sad day for a million mothers in this country if this group is a million strong. It’s even sadder for what these mothers are teaching their kids.

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