Jef Holm Heads Back to Work After Split

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Jef Holm and Emily Maynard are over and that means that life has to go back to normal. Jef is now returning to work and getting back into the swing of things. Life is anything but normal when the cameras are following your every step.

He had moved to North Carolina to be with Emily Maynard, but now Jef is back in his home state of Utah. He is the founder of People Water and he is returning to his job looking great in all black including the sunglasses. For some reason he is wearing them inside. He shared the picture with fans where is standing in the front door of People Water. Is this just a coincidence or is the reality TV star mourning the loss of his love?

Jef and Emily did try to make their relationship work, but things just didn’t go well for the two. Now Emily is back to being a mom and trying to find love while Jef is at work and living his life. It shouldn’t take either one of them long to find love again when they are ready for the journey.

Are you shocked to see Jef Holm back to work already? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts on this couple.

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