Jef Holm Paparazzi Magnet After Emily Maynard Split!

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Poor Jef Holm can’t catch a break. Now that he and Bachelorette fiancée Emily Maynard have called it quits, Jef can’t even get in a quiet round of golf to escape from the world.

No, Jef took to Twitter to post the seemingly mundane trip to the local golf course to take in a quick round of golf. All Jef wanted to do was lose himself for a few hours and get some fresh air. Unfortunately for Mr. Holm, life right now is not the same as it was before he signed up for a reality television show.

Jef Holm posted, “They find me everywhere… I send out a tweet about playing golf & next thing I know this guy rolls up & follows me the entire course.”

That’s right, now that Jef and Emily Maynard have broken off their engagement, he has become a paparazzi magnet. It looks like if Jef wants a quiet round of golf, perhaps he should tweet about it after the round, and not before it!

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