Jef Holm Reveals He Cut His Long Hair to Impress ‘Bachelorette’ Emily

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Jef Holm has been portrayed as the bad looking boy on the show even though he has the best intentions for Bachelorette Emily Maynard. Sure, he came in on a skateboard with his hair completely gelled up and he did look rather young. But when Jef learned about the show, he looked much different. It turns out that someone gave him a bit of a makeover before he skated his way into Emily’s heart.

His sister told him about the show and he ended up having to clean up his personal style a bit. He recently shared his hair history with Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview. “No, I haven’t always had this hairdo. I actually, when I was approached to come on the show, I had really long hair. When I went into casting, I had it all back into a big ponytail and it was really long down to my shoulders. I think they wanted me to kind of keep that ‘bad boy’ image, because I am misunderstood in that way,” Jef Holm told the website. It sounds Jef is willing to do more for love than fans initially thought.

“To be honest with you, I kind of cut it because of Emily. I didn’t watch her season and I didn’t know hardly anything about her, except for what my sister told me. She seemed like a southern belle who is conservative and I didn’t want to go in there looking like — I didn’t want my image to be the demise of me,” he continues. While some might argue that changing one’s looks for someone else is bad because it compromises who you are, it is nice for Jef to cut his hair if it means Emily gets to see who he really is.

Do you agree with Jef cutting his hair for Emily without her knowing? Or should he have gone on the show with his long locks?

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