Jeff Buckley Movie Is a ‘Go’ – Will Robert Pattinson Play Him?

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A movie based on the tragically too-short life of singer Jeff Buckley is going to happen. When the Buckley biopic finally hits the big screen, it will be a long, long time in coming. Plans for a movie based on the late singer’s life have been in the works for years.

According to reports, Jake Scott (Welcome to the Rileys) will direct the movie. Rights to Buckley’s incredible songs (including the incomparable “Hallelujah”) are apparently included in the film deal, too. It’s hard to imagine a movie on this man’s life without the music!

Now that the Jeff Buckley movie is a “go,” the question becomes: Who will play the talented and influential singer? No doubt some of Hollywood’s hottest actors will be lining up to read for this movie. Twilight star Robert Pattinson has expressed interest in the role. Pattinson as Jeff Buckley? He is a musician as well as an actor, and he might be able to successfully pull off Buckley’s haunting sound. He’s also around the right age – Buckley was just 30 years old when he died in 1997. Pattinson is 24, and he can look much more mature on screen. It could work.

James Franco is another name that’s been tossed around to play Jeff Buckley. What do you think? Could Rob Pattinson pull it off, or do you think Franco would do a better job? Which actor could best do justice to Jeff Buckley in a film?

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