Jeff Conaway Badly Injured In Fall

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It just doesn’t get much worse for Jeff Conaway who has been badly injured in a fall in his home. While once at the top of his game, with a costarring role in a top comedy and another in a hit movie, thirty years later he’s a drug addict who has so many personal injuries, he needs drugs.

Conaway is addicted to cocaine, alcohol, and painkillers. He started taking the painkillers when he injured himself while filming the movie Grease. After the excitement over the movie ended and the long-running comedy Taxi folded, Conaway never really landed any other big roles. His dependence on his painkillers increased, along with other drug and alcohol use.

This led us to being absolutely shocked at the site of him on Celebrity Rehab. We knew he was an addict, thanks to his time on Celebrity Fit Club, but seeing him either in a wheelchair or walking with a cane, and barely able to talk legibly was quite a shock to many of us. All we could ask was, “What happened?”  Perhaps the most successful part of his treatment came when he cried and admitted that he had finally found something about himself that he liked. This was after admitting he’d been badly abused as a child. That admission of his is in the opening of this season’s Celebrity Rehab.

We haven’t seen much of him since all that, but the few reports we had were encouraging. However, now we get the news that Conaway has been injured in a fall in his home. His girlfriend, Vikki Lizzi, is by his side, and that’s perhaps the most disturbing news of any, that this enabler is still with him.

Conaway has been left hospitalized and has a broken hip, a broken arm, and a fractured neck. On top of all of this, he has a brain hemorrhage. As if it isn’t bad enough that he’ll have to take the addictive painkillers for this, his brain is hemorrhaging. His brain has to be so scrambled after all the years of drug use, and now it’s hemorrhaging as well. He needs Dr. Drew.

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