Jeff Probst Signs on for Two More Seasons of ‘Survivor’ – Surprised?

Jeff Probst, executive producer and host of Survivor, isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Probst has reportedly signed on for two more seasons of the reality competition show.

File:Jeff Probst.jpgThe three-time Emmy Award winner will continue hosting the CBS show for another two seasons. The announcement was made on Wednesday. Jeff Probst is a smart man. Why leave the party when it’s still in high gear?

Probst has hosted the show since it premiered in 2000. Back then, Survivor seemed extraordinarily interesting and exciting to watch. Now, in its 22nd season, Survivor is getting a bit old.

The premise of the show is the same no matter how producers try to change it up. Every season, the people change but the characters remain the same. The antagonist, the peacekeeper, the loner, the emotional wreck, the blank-eyed innocent one – You name the character, Survivor’s cast it.

However, as long as there are people willing to be stranded in a remote location, fighting a psychological game of toughness with their competitors for a cool million, there will be people willing to watch.

Readers, what do you think about this announcement? Was it a surprise that Jeff Probst has signed on for another two seasons? Or do you even care if he is gone. After all, Probst is just the host. He’s never actually played the game or became involved like say Joe Rogan in Fear Factor (when he ate a bug!).

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