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So if you watch Mtv you probably have heard of the Teen Mom show or 16 and Pregnant. It seems that the post-Juno generation is getting pregnant now more than ever, at least as far as reality shows (i.e. Teen Mom) or the lifetime original movies The Pregnancy Pact or Family channels: The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

It’s really funny to me because I remember my friend’s mom freaking out and saying to other mom’s to not take their teenage daughter’s to see Juno, because even though it was a great movie, it gives teens the wrong idea of sex. True, I was in my 20s when I saw it, but still I felt like it didn’t motivate me to go out there and lose my virginity to the first nerd that I saw in a recliner chair at my parent’s house! I didn’t think the movie would have the effect of increasing teen pregnancies, I thought it would be a more realistic view on the consequences of teen pregnancy. For instance the awkward and nerve wracking call to a Planned Parenthood or “Women Now” type of clinic, then telling of the parents, as well as deciding to stay pregnant and have the baby adopted. Watching that movie, there is a scene post-labor of Juno in the hospital bed crying, because it is heart wrenching carrying a baby, another life, in you for 9 months and then having to give it up. I guess perception of the movie really does vary because myself, my friends, and most sexually educated, and smart people saw the movie, got the humor, and knew that teen pregnancy could be prevented and avoided and it is not a cause for celebrity it is a real serious thing and it involves multiple lives!

That being said, watching the premiere of the season two of Mtv’s “Teen Mom” show was insane. I watched the finale, recap show of the last season, but man these girls have no clue! Jenelle actually said, “having a baby wasn’t as fun and easy as I thought it was going to be…” um duh! I don’t think teenagers realize what it takes to raise a kid. It’s not dress up of your dolls, and you don’t get to just dump them on your parents, aunts, uncles, and other family members when you feel you need a break to go party and be young! Sex is definitely not a joke! It isn’t just hooking up! I don’t think the abstinence speech, nor the sexual education and prevention is working. These reality shows don’t help the cause because now the girls know they can apply to be on the show and document their lives and go to new york or wherever and have a grand finale show and meeting with Dr. Drew. I’m not opposed to the show, maybe if by showing the good, bad, and the ugly will help other girls to take life more seriously, wait, weigh their options, and be safe.

The world conditions aren’t just deteriorating because of the economy; it’s also because there are a generation of kids in foster care, kids being raised without fit parents, and who know’s what other dire circumstances. I’m not saying all teen pregnancies are stupid and all the mothers are unfit, but in Jenelle’s case I think she needs to be thankful she has a mother who loves and cares for her and her baby the way that she does. She has the baby in day care and she wakes up and feeds him his bottles. Jenelle doesn’t have a clue! It just frustrates me because I’ve worked in childcare and I see what this type of “party” attitude-and-seeing-your-child-as-a-burden does to the child. It’s not fair! I hope she takes more time for her son and starts to treat her mother with way more respect! Jenelle needs to realize that having a child is a privilege, especially having a healthy child, and she needs to realize it’s no longer just her life, she has to live her life for her baby, especially in these early years. If you can have sex, you should be able to stand the consequences of your actions. It seems unfair, but it’s unfair to the baby if the Mom and the Dad aren’t really ready.

I hope these teen mom’s grow and learn with their babies and take the time with them. I am slightly intrigued by the show and will probably try to watch more. It does make me sad though to see kids having kids when they simply are not ready for such a emotionally, physically, and financially weighing responsibility.

Have you heard of this show?

What do you think of the spike in teenage pregnancy themed shows and movies?

What do you think of Jenelle as a mother?

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