Jenelle Evans Almost Has Nip Slip in Bath with Boyfriend Nathan Griffith

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Jenelle Evans has gotten pretty comfortable with her new boyfriend Nathan. First, they attempted to buy a house together and now they are talking about intimate details about their love life together. Jenelle recently tweeted about a hot shower that she was going to enjoy with Nathan and today she made a Vine of her and Nathan in a bubble bath together.

“So many bubblessss!” Jenelle captioned her video. She and Nathan look very happy and they seem like they are having a lot of fun, but should they really be posting their private time together? It all looks like fun and games, but Jenelle aimed the camera a bit low and viewers can practically see her whole chest. Any lower, and there would have been another nude scandal.

It’s great to know that Jenelle and Nathan are happy and so comfortable with one another, but is this necessary? If Jenelle is happy that is what should matter and if she doesn’t care, then let the girl have fun!

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