Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Call It Quits Already!

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Jenelle Evans recently announced that she was dating an old friend and that the two were planning on moving in together. They found a house that they both liked and were set to move in together last Wednesday. Hopefully they didn’t get too many of their belongings into the humble abode, though, because on Sunday night, the couple called it quits.

Jenelle tweeted, “Which Teen Mom is SINGLEEEEEE again?”

She included a link to her Sulia account that, once clicked, shockingly reported that it was Jenelle who was single, along with a brief explanation saying, “MEEEEEE. I’m single once again. I ended things and didn’t think things were working out between me and Courtland. I rather not go into detail why but I’m happy with this decision.”

Fans caught wind that something was up early on Sunday when Jenelle tweeted that she would be spending the day with Jace alone.

As hard as it is to support Jenelle, a lot of fans still try their best to do so. However, many are finding it hard to do so this time. After dating Courtland for a mere few days, she had already introduced Jace to him and the three were going on a lot of outings. After two weeks, they were planning on moving in together.

She broke up with Kieffer Delp earlier in the month after she claimed that he was abusing drugs. It seems that, in that situation, she definitely made the best decision, so hopefully she did so with Courtland.

While she may not have gone into detail about her break-up, she did clear up rumors about a sex-tape between her and Kieffer Delp. Even though Kieffer claims to have a tape in his possession, Jenelle Evans says it is not a sex tape and, if it is, she was filmed without her knowledge.

With all of the drama going on in her life, the last thing that the Teen Mom needs is Kieffer selling more information about her.

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