Jenelle Evans And Courtland Rogers Get Back Together

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Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers had one heck of a week. First, Courtland bought Jenelle an engagement ring, but they didn’t get engaged. A few days later, he told his Facebook friends he’d be getting down on one knee in front of her. Then, this weekend, they broke up — but it didn’t last long.

“Me and courtland r fine,” she told fans. “We love each other and we realized him taking his anxiety medicine doesn’t make him the real Courtland.” Hopefully, this means that Courtland will do his best to get off the meds. If he has anxiety, there are much better ways to deal with it than with drugs. But if that is his only option and he is taking something that is making him a different person, he needs to take less or he needs to take something else.

If a doctor has prescribed him anti-anxiety medication, he’d surely want to know if he was being negatively impacted by them. If Courtland is taking these medications for fun, that’s a different story.

Jenelle also added, “I am fine he isn’t a piece of sh*t. He love me, I love him.” Hopefully, Courtland will get his medication problem dealt with so that things like this don’t happen again. This relationship will never work if Courtland is going to be having a bad reaction to drugs.

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