Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp Call it Quits

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Just when they were starting to prove the world wrong (and fans were warming up to the idea), Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp called it quits!

Saturday night, the Teen Mom tweeted, “Single. Oak island for the night :) Remember, u left me.”

While she claims that Kieffer left her, he hasn’t tweeted any clues to what may have happened. Fans may find this frustrating, but the lack of tweeting is actually a good thing!

When Jenelle was dating Gary Head, the two would often go through short, but intense break-ups. However, they didn’t leave things private, and they fought back and forth over the social networking site. Sometimes, things would get a little too heated and some pretty harsh accusations would emerge. Whether or not they were true is not the issue, but the fact is they should never have aired the information publicly.

It’s hard to say if this split is permanent, or if the couple is having a lovers’ quarrel. Things have been going incredibly well for the couple and even Jenelle’s mom has taken a shine to Kieffer (seriously, they get along!) Maybe the two just need some time apart to cool off. They have a lot of history together and even if fans don’t like him, Kieffer Delp has a lot in common with Jenelle Evans and she does seem happy when she is with him.

Do you think these two will get back together or is the split for good?

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