Jenelle Evans Announces Engagement, Cites Mysterious Reason for Decision

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When it comes to relationships, Jenelle Evans hasn’t had the best of luck (that may be an understatement), but things are finally looking for the Teen Mom 2 star! Jenelle has been dating a man named Courtland Rogers for two months now, and the two seem to get along great. They have their issues, but they don’t air them on social networking nearly as much as she and Gary Head did in the past.

On Monday night, Jenelle was chatting with fans on UStream while a new episode of TM2 aired. At the end of the episode, she announced to fans that she and Courtland are officially engaged! Jenelle showed off her new engagement ring and even gave an explanation as to why the two decided to put a ring on it so quickly. During the chat, Jenelle explained that there is a specific reason that the two have decided to get engaged. However, she insists that she is not pregnant and that is not the reason for their rush.

She explained, “If you knew the reason, you would understand why we are taking this step. I hope you guys are happy for us.”

Of course, fans are wondering what the mysterious reason is. Jenelle has already debunked the pregnancy rumors that are sure to start swirling, but what else could there be? Courtland is currently involved in a custody battle with the mother of his baby, and perhaps they think that being married would help them to get more visitation with the little girl? Typically, courts tend to be in favor of stable homes, but considering Jenelle doesn’t even have custody of her own child may deter their case.

Whatever the mysterious reason for their engagement may be, hopefully they are doing it for the right reason. Jenelle Evans may have her troubles, but she still deserves to be happy.

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