Jenelle Evans Begged Gary Head To Marry Her Before Arrest

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Now that Jenelle Evans and Gary Head have officially called it quits, fans wonder what really happened between the two. The Teen Mom went to court on Wednesday to seek a restraining order against her ex fiancé, but the court decided to continue the case. Whether or not she will actually be granted the order has yet to be determined, but Gary took to Twitter and revealed something interesting about his failed relationship with Jenelle.

Fans may recall that, after they had a pretty big blow-up where there were accusations of abuse, Jenelle went back to Gary and was flaunting her engagement ring. Fans were slightly confused why she went back to him after all the harsh words that were exchanged between them. There were rumors that the two were going to marry in December, but according to Gary Head, Jenelle Evans wanted to tie-the-knot much sooner than that!

Gary tweeted, “she f****** begged me to marry her so she could get the benifits [sic] & live for free. F*** I look like. Engaged is ok. It’s a test but marriage? Nah. I’m so glad I said no. She wanted to go to the courthouse an get married a week before we went to jail. she had even told Allison she had to move out so when we got married she WAS going to get Jace back and he needed his room.”

As a Marine, any girl that Gary Head married would be entitled to many benefits including health insurance (something that MTV does not provide to the girls.) Not only that, but Head would also get a pay raise for his dependants (i.e. Jenelle.) There are horror stories of girls actually going after military men solely for the benefits, but do you think Jenelle Evans would do that?

It seems that, perhaps, the Teen Mom, more than anything, wanted to settle down and get her life in order. She may have felt that getting married was the easiest way to get her life on track and to regain custody of Jace. Despite her recent troubles, she is still adamant that she will regain custody (despite her mother not even allowing her to see Jace) and even has set up a Cars themed bedroom for him.

Do you believe Gary Head’s claims?

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