Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Gets a New Car

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Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers’ whirlwind romance was taken to a new level last night when Courtland got down on one knee, and now, the two are making another big decision together–what vehicle to buy. The Teen Mom 2 star’s man is in need of a new ride and he’s narrowed it down to two cars.

According to Teen Mom Talk, Courtland took to his Facebook page last night to enlist the help of his followers in deciding between a Dodge Avenger and a Chrysler 300. This purchase comes just days after he spent over $3,200 on an engagement ring for Jenelle. Now, he will be spending between $14,000-$20,000 on a new car. So, where does he get all this cash? Jenelle claims he is a roofer.

Earlier this year, Jenelle purchases a new Jetta and got a breast augmentation which totals around $20,000. She sure is spending a good bit of money, but since she has three jobs, she has every right, however, if other areas of her and Courtland’s life aren’t being tended to properly, that is a concern.

Oddly enough, the site also points out that both Jenelle and Courtland have claimed they “don’t have $10,000 to pay an attorney” in their custody cases. From what it seems, these two appear to be a little mixed up when it comes to their priorities. Hopefully, there’s more to this story than it appears.

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