Jenelle Evans Claims Taylor Lewis Is Pretending To Be A Lesbian To Rob Men

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Jenelle Evans and Taylor Lewis claimed to be the best of friends just months ag,o but after seeing their inconsistencies with one another based who was dating Courtland Rogers at the time, many doubted they would last–and they were right. For the last several weeks, the pair haven’t spoken, and now, Jenelle is making it clear that Taylor is no friend of hers.

This morning, a page by the name of Miss Gossip posted a screen shot of a Facebook update by Ja Lonie, Taylor Lewis’ girlfriend, which she claimed to be about Jenelle. The post read, “Unlike the little girls around here me and Taylor Lewis don’t have to start drama or make up rumors about other girls. Bc our life is interesting without the little girl drama!”

“Dude I don’t even know her number or Taylor’s and don’t give a f**k about them,” Jenelle wrote in response, adding, “Oh that’s not her gf btw… It’s a hoax to lure guys in so they can rob them.”

Jenelle has accused Taylor of robbing guys before, so that is nothing new. She’s also accused her friend of drug use and while those things may be true, it certainly raises questions as to why Jenelle was friends with her in the first place.

Either way, it looks like Jenelle and Taylor’s feud will continue to go on for a while because this latest comment is sure to lead to some back and forth.

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