Jenelle Evans Confirms She Is Still Pregnant

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After rumors of a divorce and a scary hospital stay, many fans were worried that Jenelle Evans was in danger of miscarrying her baby. Then, Wednesday night, a screen shot showing Jenelle saying she had a miscarriage allegedly surfaced on Twitter, but there was no post on her official Facebook page. So, did the Teen Mom 2 star have a miscarriage?

According to Hollywood Life, the reality show star is still pregnant and denies that the account which made the questionable statement is hers. While the photo does indeed look real, it is easy to fake anything these days with Photoshop and it looks like this was one of those times.

Courtland Rogers was also surprised by the miscarriage news saying, “What miscarriage she is still just as pregnant as she was and even more now!! There’s no miscarriage who said she had a miscarriage.”

Ever since the couple announced the pregnancy, people have been speculating that they were faking it for money. Many assumed that they would announce in the future that they had lost the baby, all while laughing to the bank. However, it looks like this entire thing may be very real and that Jenelle is going to have another child, whether or not she stays married to Courtland Rogers.

Rogers hasn’t proved to be the best husband and what started the feud to end the marriage was him staying out until 3 a.m. to get drunk. Since then, there have been reports that he talked with other women and one claims that she, too, is carrying Courtland’s baby. Things are getting crazier each day and it is hard to say what Courtland or Jenelle will do next.

Until then, it looks like Jenelle Evans is still pregnant with Courtland’s baby.

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