Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Boyfriend Thinks She’s Using Her New Man To Make Him Jealous

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Jenelle Evans and her former flame Kieffer Delp split up last month after a trip to New Jersey gone wrong. Jenelle reportedly found Kieffer using drugs and kicked him to the curb. Since then, she’s returned home and found a new guy who she’s currently house-hunting with.

Kieffer, along with plenty others, is a bit shocked by the sudden turn of events and questions Jenelle’s true feelings.

“That man is a product of a hope to induce jealousy,” says Kieffer. “I feel bad for him.” Jenelle claims to have known Courtland for over four years, but their relationship just got started a week ago and already they are moving in together.

Kieffer may have a point, which is odd to say as he is not typically known as the most reliable; but Jenelle is certainly moving very fast and that hasn’t worked out well for her in the past.

However, this time could be different so everyone should give Jenelle and her guy the benefit of the doubt and hope things turn out well.

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