Jenelle Evans’ Ex Still Threatening to Expose Her with Video

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Jenelle Evans made a mistake when she got back with her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp. The known drug user and frequent jail bird may have told her he had changed his ways, but he didn’t and just one month after their break-up, he’s ready to sell her out in a big way.

Apparently, Kieffer has a video of Jenelle in his possession and some photos and he’s ready to sell them to whatever tabloid will take them. While he spoke of the video a few weeks ago, he had been quiet since so many fans thought he may have had a change of heart, but no.

Last night, Kieffer tweeted, “When this vid comes out shes gonna cwy like the CRYBABY she is!” Jenelle’s reply? “Why don’t u just leave me the f**k alone ?!” Sounds reasonable, but with a reported $45,000 on the line, Kieffer likely won’t. Plus, he’s sold her out before, so why would this time be any different?

There’s no word on what the video entails but judging by the naked photos he sold to Radar Online earlier this year, it doesn’t seem to be anything that’s going to be good for Jenelle.

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