Jenelle Evans Explains New Tattoo

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Jenelle Evans got a new tattoo over the weekend and while some have assumed the giant leopard on her hip was simply for looks, the Teen Mom 2 star is now revealing that it has a personal meaning for her as well.

Jenelle explained to Rumorfix, “The leopard represents how strong I am.” Jenelle is fresh off a break-up from longtime love Kieffer Delp. The two were planning to move to New Jersey together but after she discovered his drug use, she packed up and returned home to her mother and three-year-old son.

The ordeal was traumatic for Jenelle who was ready to uproot her life for this guy. Thank goodness she found out about the drugs before she moved and not after.

Jenelle is currently searching for a new home with a new guy and apparently her new life had her ready for a new tattoo to signify it so off she went to Hardwire Tattoo in Wilmington, North Carolina. Not only was the tattoo painful, it also took a long time. “It took two hours to get done,” Jenelle revealed.

That’s a long time to be under the needle. Jenelle’s pain tolerance must be way high to sit through all of that. Plus, now that its done, it’ll likely be really sore for a while and since it is on her hip, it’ll probably be hard to sleep as well. What a pain!

Although it hurt, Jenelle thinks it is totally worth it and besides, the Teen Mom 2 star is known for her ink and now that she’s starting over in North Caroline, it only made sense. Stay strong, Jenelle!

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