Jenelle Evans: Gary Head Vows to Change for the ‘Teen Mom’

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When it comes to Jenelle Evans’ love life, there is something going on. In case you haven’t been following the Teen Mom’s escapades, then you definitely need to get caught up.

Earlier in the year, she dated Gary Head on and off. They had plans to marry at one point, but unfortunately things got pretty rough for the two over the summer. There were claims of abuse and Jenelle ended up getting a no-contact order against Gary. Lately, though, the two have been talking about getting the order dropped, but no word as to whether or not that actually went through.

Despite the order, Gary tweeted to Jenelle on Saturday night saying, “@PBandJenelley_1 one day ill change my ways. But we both have things to work on. Then we can work on a future.”

While it may seem sweet, there is only one problem with his plans: Jenelle is dating (and moving in with) someone new. She and Courtland Rogers have known each other for a while, but after her split with Kieffer Delp, reconnected. Even though they have been dating for a short time, the two are happy together and ready to jump start their life. Jace has already met Courtland as well and the pair take the young boy on outings often.

Jenelle Evans didn’t reply to Gary Head (at least not yet) and it is unclear if she will. It seemed very odd for Gary to tweet something like that out of the blue and he isn’t really explaining why he did. Of course, it is his Twitter and he is free to say whatever he wants without being questioned. Unfortunately, there are a ton of Teen Mom fans who would love to know his intent.

Will they ever get back together? Time will only tell. Gary Head is certainly right, though, and the two definitely need to work on themselves before they ever try to be anything again.

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