Jenelle Evans Gets New Wild Tattoo in Provocative Spot

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A lot of people criticize the girls of Teen Mom for spending their money on frivolous things. One of the things that people really like to berate the girls for getting are tattoos. Of course, some of the girls have more than others and Jenelle Evans is giving Maci Bookout a run for her money as the Teen Mom with the most ink!

On Sunday, Jenelle revealed her latest body art on Twitter and it’s pretty wild to say the least. The stretched out leopard is on the outside of her upper right leg and fades up to her hip. Yes, that means it goes up past her butt and is nearly visible in the pictures that she posted on the social networking site.

This new ink is just the latest in a barrage of body art on the Jenelle’s body. Aside from the leopard, she also has a large cherry blossom tattoo across her back. Not only that, but she also has a skull-butterfly tattoo on her lower back as well as her son’s name, Jace Vahn, tattooed on her wrist. She even shares a tattoo with an ex-boyfriend! She and Gary Head both have the words “YOLO” tattooed on their bodies.

Jenelle Evans’ latest ink is definitely interesting. She has been tweeting about getting a leopard tattoo for awhile and it is great to see the finished product. However, not everyone is a fan of her latest ink and slammed her on Twitter for wasting her money and called the tattoo “horrible.”

What do you think of Jenelle’s latest tattoo?

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