Jenelle Evans Hospitalized for Ruptured Cysts

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Jenelle Evans may have moved to New Jersey to get a fresh start, but unfortunately, she’s experiencing some heartache already. After making the move up north with her boyfriend of two and a half months, Kieffer Delp, she seems to be a bit lonelier than expected.

“Please send prayers my way. :( in the hospital once again all alone with no support for a ruptured cysts that bursted inside me,” she tweeted.

It looks as though Kieffer is back to his old ways. Several weeks ago, Jenelle was in pain and wanting to go to the hospital at that time but he just called her a cry baby and went back to bed.

Jenelle may love Kieffer and want to be with him, but is he good for her? He doesn’t seem to be stepping up to the plate when she needs him to and if he was truly the more mature, changed version of himself like he claims, he would never let her go to the hospital alone.

Perhaps Jenelle has just never been treated right and therefore her expectations of a partner are low. One day, she’ll meet someone that will treat her right and will look back and wonder why she wasted her time on guys like Kieffer.

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