Jenelle Evans ‘in Fear’ of Gary Head After Alleged Attack

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For months, everyone has watched Jenelle Evans’ tumultuous relationship with on-again, off-again boyfriend Gary Head play out. Things between the two would be good (from time to time), but there were always instances of intense fighting which left many scared for the Teen Mom. Over the weekend, their greatest fears may have come true.

At this time, there is nothing concrete proving what did or didn’t happen between the two. What is known for sure is that the two were arrested and jailed, each charged with very different things. On one hand, a court docket popped up showing that Gary was charged with “reckless driving to endanger” and “speeding.” Jenelle Evans, on the other hand, was charged with possessing marijuana as well as simple assault.

Several reports have surfaced suggesting that things between the two got intensely physical, possibly leaving Evans’ injured. She reportedly went to the doctor to have her injuries checked out on Tuesday. Now, Evan’s attorney, Dustin Sullivan, is speaking out, letting people know that the Teen Mom is “in fear” of Gary Head.

Sullivan reportedly said, “She was definitely assaulted. She is extremely fearful right now of Gary. Jenelle’s the one who called the police that night, several times. We are still trying to find out exactly what happened. She was not drinking at all, and the incident happened at Jenelle’s apartment—Jace was not there. She’s really shaken up right now.”

Jenelle’s newest mugshot was released and while in the past, she smiled for the camera, this time, the Teen Mom was appeared obviously distraught. Her face, though slightly blurry, actually looks swollen (although that could be from crying). The couple have had numerous fights and there have been allegations of abuse. While they may have feelings for each other, their relationship is toxic and they need to end things for good before they get worse.

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