Jenelle Evans, Kieffer Delp Split

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When will Jenelle Evans catch a break? The Teen Mom has been trying hard to turn her life around for the past two years but every time it appears that she is making progress, something comes along to bring her down. Lately, she has been feuding with her family, but luckily she has had her boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, by her side to help her out. Unfortunately, she will be back to being alone as the two called it quits late Sunday night.

Jenelle first hinted that there was trouble in paradise by tweeting, “planned something to try and make my bf realize something, totally backfired. :/ this might be the end of things…”

Jenelle never really made it clear what exactly backfired, but things only got worse from there. Apparently, the two went for a cigarette run, but things got heated and he even went as far as to take her phone from her.

A few hours later, it looked as though she managed to get her phone back and tweeted, “My support system = me, myself, and I … Please just let me run away, far away. Can’t have friends cuz of society, can’t trust a soul. :'(“

Kieffer Delp, on the other hand, seemed a bit more chipper about things, saying, “Single, making money without anyone’s help. Fresh start tomorrow morning! So excited.” He also tweeted a short message that appeared to be aimed to Jenelle.

This isn’t the first time the two have called it quits, though. The two have a lot of history together and have managed to make it through a lot. Kieffer even sold some nude photos of the Teen Mom 2 star while they were broken-up and even though Jenelle said she couldn’t forgive him, she eventually did. In fact, this time around things seemed nearly perfect between the two. Not only that, but things seemed to finally be turning around for Jenelle Evans.

Although Kieffer claims that he is done for good this time, hopefully these two can work things out. Jenelle seemed incredibly happy with Kieffer and her life seemed a lot more calm. Even if they can’t work things out, hopefully Jenelle is able to stay on the right track!

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