Jenelle Evans’ Mom Doesn’t Want Her Engaged

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Jenelle Evans shocked everyone when, after just two months of dating, she began sporting an engagement ring from boyfriend Courtland Rogers. However, she later explained that it was just a gift and the two were definitely not engaged. One person who was relieved to hear that was Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans.

“It’s not an engagement ring, it was just a gift from her boyfriend,” she told Celebuzz. “Jenelle does not need to be engaged, but he is a nice guy.” Barbara is right, it’s definitely too soon in her relationship for Jenelle to be engaged, especially after how her first engagement ended. Plus, she’s just 20 years old and has plenty of life left to live, so why rush?

As for how Barbara’s relationship with Jenelle has been going now, it doesn’t look like much has changed. “The show is exactly what it is. What the show documents is our life,” Barbara explains. “It’s nothing but the truth. There’s no script. My life with Jenelle has not been good. There is always drama.” It’s a shame that these two can’t just get along.

Jenelle’s mother has helped her a lot in recent years. In fact, her mother takes care of her son for her. Who knows what it is that’s standing in the way of these two getting along?! Fans will have to just watch and see their drama play out on Teen Mom 2 which currently airs every Monday night at 10/9c.

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