Jenelle Evans Mother-in-Law Talks about ‘Teen Mom’s’ Marriage

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Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers tied the knot in a quickie wedding this week after a short engagement. While Teen Mom 2 fans were shocked, it seems that the couple’s families were just as surprised. Courtland Rogers’ mom, Holly Rogers, opened up to Celebuzz and said that she was disappointed that she wasn’t there to see her son get married. She knew that it was going to happen, but no one expected it to be so soon.

Holly said, “Hopefully, they will have another ceremony, because I do not know Jenelle very well and would like to spend more time with her.”

Jenelle and Courtland claim to have been friends for the past decade. Apparently, they weren’t that good of friends if Holley doesn’t know her that well. Of course, people change over the years, and even if Holley had known Jenelle at one time, it is likely she doesn’t know her well now.

Interestingly, Holly did open up about her son’s addictions, saying that he became hooked Oxycodin after being involved in a terrible car accident that left him severely injured. He has served time in jail for drug possession (as well as other charges). To make things worse, he was charged with a felony mere hours before his marriage to Jenelle.

Courtland and Jenelle seem like they have a lot in common, even if most of it is negative. Another similarity the two share is that they are both parents. Just like Jenelle, though, Courtland does not have full custody of his daughter (although he does get visitation), and he and the mother of his baby do not get along. Add to that Jenelle Evans getting involved with the drama and it seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Regarding Jenelle’s relationship with Taylor, Holley said, “I do not think that she and Taylor really get along. I think Taylor feels threatened by Jenelle, actually.”

Holly didn’t elaborate as to why Taylor would be jealous of the Teen Mom, but there could be many reasons. Perhaps she is worried that Jenelle will try to be a bigger influence in her daughter’s life. Both Courtland and Jenelle have expressed interest in getting their children back, and although that may be a long shot, Taylor could be worried about that.

Even though their marriage may have shocked a lot of people, the couple seem to be in it for the long haul. Jenelle has taken Courtland’s last name and is even showing off their wedding rings as their Twitter header. For Jenelle’s sake, hopefully things go well because she and Courtland did not get a prenuptial agreement. If things end up going south, she could end up losing a good amount of money.

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