Jenelle Evans’ New Man Talks About His Shady Past

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Jenelle Evans has a new boyfriend and while she insists he’s much better than the last few guys she’s been with, his rap sheet looks eerily similar. Has the Teen Mom 2 star fallen for a bad boy once again or is Courtland Rogers different?

In 2004 Courtland was arrested and charged with felony drug possession which led to him being put on probation which he violated in 2008. At that time he was thrown behind bars. While it is unknown how long he was in jail, it could have been anywhere from 60 days to 2-and-a-half years.

Courtland recently spoke with Starcasm and explained his charges. “I was riding with a bunch of people,” he explains of his drug charge. “The dude that was with me in the back seat had drugs on him [when] a cop pulled us over because [the driver] was speeding.”

Before the police could search the vehicle, the guy beside Courtland threw the drugs on the floor. Since no one would admit to the drugs being theirs, the cop informed them that the female driver would be charged. However, Courtland had a crush on her and didn’t want her to get in trouble, so he took the rap. “Not thinking, I took the charge for it, even though it wasn’t mine,”

Since 2008 when Courtland violated his probation, he has successfully stayed out of trouble. “I haven’t gotten in trouble since the charges,” he says. “I’ve been out of trouble for 4 years.”

Hopefully, Courtland will remain out of the legal system and be a good influence for Jenelle Evans. Her prior relationships have been rumored to have been plagued with violence and drug use, so she needs someone who will be a good partner for her and friend to her young son.

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