Jenelle Evans Not Allowed To See Her Son

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Jenelle Evans has dealt with a lot of drama lately. At a time when she needs her son the most, though, her mother is keeping him from the Teen Mom.

Jenelle signed over custody of Jace in 2010 while she worked on getting her life in order. Since then, she has expressed interest in regaining custody of her son and has even spent time with him. In fact, she even has a room set up for him at her house, but unfortunately, the boy hasn’t been able to use it for a while.

On Monday, Jenelle tweeted, “Laying in my son’s room crying my eyes out in his car bed I bought for him. I just want to see my son SO bad.”

Jenelle revealed that her mother hasn’t let her see Jace for nearly three weeks and that she is heartbroken. The Teen Mom claims that she doesn’t know why Barbara isn’t allowing Jenelle to see the boy and, unfortunately, there isn’t anything Jenelle can do since she doesn’t have any visitation rights.

Jenelle posted a heartfelt tweet about her son (along with a picture of his room) saying, “Jace, haven’t touched ur room since u been here. It hurts so bad to not see u playing here with yr toys.”

It seems odd that, all of the sudden, Barbara is doing this. Of course, Jenelle Evans has been vocal about her recent family drama with her sister, Ashleigh, even claiming that Barbara has taken her sister’s side. Could all of the drama be a part of the reason that Barbara is keeping Jace away from Jenelle?

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