Jenelle Evans’ Nude Photos: Kieffer Delp “Won’t Regret” Selling Them

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With all of the technological advancements over the past few decades, things like nude photos and sex tapes (it’s how Kim Kardashian got famous!) are becoming more available. Now, an already famous Teen Mom is in the middle of a nude photo scandal of her own.

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to drama, but it is actually surprising to see her involved in something like this. The photographs hit the web early Tuesday morning, compliments of Radar Online. However, many wonder who sold the photos and the answer may shock you – Kieffer Delp!

Twitter was buzzing with news of the leaked photos, which according to Jenelle Evans’ current boyfriend Gary Head, the Teen Mom didn’t send to him like so many assume. Gary claims that Kieffer took the photos of Jenelle himself, which show Jenelle before and after her anticipated boob job. While having nude photos leaked is never a good thing, fortunately for Jenelle, the photos were not sexual nor provocative. Rather, they appear to be pictures that were taken to show her body before the surgery, then after. Of course, it is unlikely that she anticipated the general public catching a glimpse of the photos.

Jenelle is understandably upset over this saying, “Omg still crying. I can’t handle this. Been crying since 5am.”

What does Kieffer have to say about all of this? He seems to be basking in the attention, and claims that he won’t regret selling the pictures. While Jenelle might have her issues from time to time, a lot of people are siding with her in all of this. This just goes to show young girls that you never really know who you can trust.

What do you think about Kieffer Delp selling nude pics of Jenelle? Is he just trying to get attention?

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