Jenelle Evans’ ‘Other Half’ Isn’t Her Son Jace

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Jenelle Evans has dealt with her fair share of criticism when it comes to her parenting in recent years and just weeks before her son turns four, she’s still dealing with it. Since giving up the rights to her son after his birth, Jenelle told fans that she planned to get her life straight and get him back. It has yet to happen. What has happened are several relationships, engagements, and even a relationship. So, is that Jenelle’s real priority?

Earlier today, Jenelle posted a photo of herself and her latest boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, and in the caption, she said he was her “other half.” Immediately, fans tweeted back at her, wondering why she doesn’t give her son that honor. “Not to be rude but your other half should be your son!” one fan wrote. In response, Jenelle told the fan, “No Jace is my little twin.”

Jenelle was just 16 years old when she gave birth to Jace, so it’s no wonder she feels more like a sibling to him than a mother. Plus, with her mother raising him and living with him full-time, she’s bound to get that vibe.

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