Jenelle Evans Puts An End to Gary Head Tweeting About Her, Dishes on Courtland

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Jenelle Evans has been caught in the middle of a lot of rumors lately. First, her ex-fiancé Gary Head had allegedly told friends that he was talking with the Teen Mom 2 star once more, and then she and her new boyfriend were reportedly on the verge of a break-up. However, none of it is true, and Jenelle has taken to her blog to set the record straight.

“Gary might of been tweeting things because he might of been jealous in a way that I was dating Courtland, but he agrees to stop today,” Jenelle writes.

As for her new relationship, Jenelle is happier than ever, and she and her man, Courtland Rogers, are moving into their new home tomorrow. “He is a very responsible young man and helps me keep me on the straight and narrow,” she says. That’s good to hear, especially after her previous relationships were both with men whom she accused of being drug users.

This guy definitely seems to be an upgrade—he’s even Barb-approved. “My mom approves of Courtland and about us moving in together. She thinks it’s good because she knows how I hate living alone,” Jenelle explains. In addition to that, he’s helping out with the bills. That’s right. This guy has a job, and a good one at that. “He has a job as a roofer, and he has his own car,” she adds.

It looks like Jenelle Evans has turned over a new leaf. Cheers to that!

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