Jenelle Evans Ready to Marry Gary Head?

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Jenelle Evans and her marine fiance Gary Head called off their engagement on Thursday night after just a few weeks. However, the Teen Mom 2 couple has had a change of heart, and are once again back on!

“The engagement is back on. It wasn’t ever really off,” a source tells E! News. “Gary admitted he was wrong and felt really bad for kicking in her door. He went over and fixed it this weekend.”

He did, indeed! His return to Jenelle’s home was what led to their reconciliation on Saturday. Shortly after fixing the door, they were tweeting to each other posting photos including one of Jenelle with her engagement ring back on.

Now that they are re-engaged, the couple is wasting no time! “Gary and Jenelle are aiming for a December wedding. Gary has some relatives in Afghanistan and the couple wants to wait until they get back so they can be at the wedding.”

Jenelle Evans is currently filming the fourth season of Teen Mom 2. Could their wedding serve as the finale?

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