Jenelle Evans Says She Sees Her Son Every Other Day

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Jenelle Evans has been a target of “bad mommy” accusations since she first appeared on Teen Mom 2 and even though she’s trying to change her life around, she’s still dealing with the same. Recently, she and her boyfriend came under attack by fans who feel as though Courtland’s recent ring purchase for Jenelle was a bad decision.

When one fan suggested it was a irresponsible decision to spend so much money on a ring when Courtland is in the midst of a custody dispute, Jenelle responded saying, “He’s doing what he has to do,” and later asked, “How do u kno he didn’t already have one?!”

Fans continued to fight with Jenelle over her priorities, but Jenelle claims that she and her man are doing everything right. Plus, she claims to have her son nearly every other day. However, her sister has been talking badly about her and fans have gotten word. “Your sister is saying u see have maybe 3 times out of 2 weeks,” one fan explained, to which Jenelle replied, “I just got back from NYC from being there for a week and I’ve been sick.”

Regardless of if Jenelle has changed or not, fans are going to be critical of her because of her persona on the show. It’s a shame, but it’s something she will just have to deal with. As long as she keeps her head held high, she’ll pull through the criticism and prove her haters wrong.

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