Jenelle Evans Still Searching For A Home

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Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Courtland announced they would be moving in together last week and they have yet to find a place. The Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter earlier to update fans on her continuing apartment hunt with her new boyfriend.

She wrote, “Courtland and I are looking for a house still! Applying everywhere! Can’t wait to find the perfect house. :) haven’t decided what town I want to live in yet ! Going to get Jace later.”

Jenelle seems to be having a great time with Courtland and her son Jace. They have gone to Chuck E. Cheese a few times this week which is a far cry from the way things were a month ago.

At that point, Jenelle was dating Kieffer and her mom was not happy. In fact, she even refused to let Jenelle see her son for over a month but once they broke up, everything has gone back to normal.

In fact, Jenelle seems to be spending even more time with Jace than ever before. So, what’s next for Jenelle after she and Courtland settle into their new home? She wants to regain full custody of her son.

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