Jenelle Evans Talks To Kieffer Delp Post-Split

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Jenelle Evans has split from husband Courtland Rogers and since she’s known to go back to her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp, fans are already concerned that a reunion could already be in the works, especially after Kieffer reached out to Jenelle on Twitter. Could Jenelle really be considering moving on with the man who has continuously hurt her now that she’s single?

After splitting from her ex-fiance Gary Head earlier this year, Jenelle went back to Kieffer only to end up back with Gary. Once she got back with Gary, Kieffer sold nude photos of her online. However, after she and Gary split for the second time, Jenelle got back with him again. It seems like she has a serious addiction to this guy.

Over the weekend, Kieffer reached out to Jenelle, but fortunately, he didn’t want her–he wanted her dog. “Yo i’ll buy brody from you rite now,” he said, but Jenelle wasn’t on board. “No sorry,” she responded. While it doesn’t sound like these two are ready to get back together–by any means–it is a bit alarming that they are even talking. Jenelle needs to be alone for a while, and Kieffer has never been a good influence on her.

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