Jenelle Evans Talks When She Got Pregnant and Sobriety

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Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child and the news is so fresh that fans still have many questions. Jenelle took to Twitter today to discuss when she found out she was pregnant and whether or not she has remained sober.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant until after the Philly trip,” Jenelle revealed to her fans. “I did not drink after I found out and have not been out to ‘party’ since.”

Sure, Jenelle probably drank while she was pregnant and didn’t know it, especially at the club appearance in Philadelphia. That is very common and happens more so than not. But, does Jenelle really have to prove this to anyone but herself, family, and close friends?  

She personally knows if she is sober or not and it’s really nobody’s business. Clearly, Jenelle has remained sober, even from alcohol when she found out she was pregnant and it shows because she has stayed out of trouble, judging by police reports (or lack thereof), too. She almost always gets caught when doing illegal activity — by the police or the media.

Good for you, Jenelle!

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(The photo to the right, was actually taken in Philadelphia on Oct. 18, when Jenelle claims that she did not know she was pregnant. That photo was released and that’s when the rumors of her pregnancy started, mainly because there is a tiny belly seeming to form. It’s actually funny how it ended up being true!)

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