Jenelle Evans Tweets Nude Photos of Her Former Friend

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Jenelle Evans has had a few nude photos of herself hit the web since becoming recognizable from MTV’s Teen Mom 2. So, it would make sense to think that she would be sensitive to people going through a nude photo scandal themselves. However, when a former friend of hers was targeted, instead of keeping it to herself, or reaching out, Jenelle showed the photos to everyone!

After one fan tweeted the photo to Jenelle, asking, “Does Tori know this is all over twitter?” Jenelle tweeted it out to her half a million followers — and tagged Tori in it so she could see for herself. These two may not be friends anymore, but what Jenelle did was pretty cruel either way.

After Jenelle showed her followers the photos, several questioned why she would do such a thing. “Why would you tweet someone’s nude pictures, even an enemy, when you yourself have been a victim?” asked one follower who also suggested she take the high road. Jenelle didn’t really address why she did what she did, but she did say that she’s totally over her nude photo scandal.

Jenelle Evans seems to be happy these days, so it’s odd that she seems to want to bring others down. Hopefully, she’ll learn to focus on her own happiness and not worry about everyone else.

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