Jenelle Evans Worries Jace Will Be Taunted for Her Shady Past

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Jenelle Evans hasn’t always made the best choices and while she seems to have cleaned up her act as of late, she still worries that her decisions may affect her young son in the future. The Teen Mom 2 star sat down with The Stir this week in New York while in town promoting the show, and she opened up about her wrong doings.

“I said the other to my boyfriend the other day, I’m really scared for Jace to go to school and other kids knowing who he was and making fun of him for that,” she explained. “I’m worried that people are going to be like oh, your mom was nothing but a deadbeat or oh, your mom doesn’t love you, which isn’t true.” Jenelle has some very valid concerns. Being in the public eye may one day haunt Jace and because of all the negative attention she got during her run on the show, it may not be good attention.

Hopefully, kids won’t be too cruel. It’s common for a young mom to struggle with adjusting to life as a mother and sometimes that means being a bit rebellious, which Jenelle was. While her behavior was wrong, Jenelle seems to have come to her senses and be heading down a better path.

Jenelle Evans may not be able to protect her son from the critics, but what she can do is be the best mommy she can from here on out.

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