Jenni Farley Pics: JWOWW!

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Jenni Farley Pics: JWOWW!

Jenni Farley, AKA JWOWW from MTV’s Jersey Shore, apparently has appeared in at least three nude photos. Well, it was only a matter of time, right?

The black-haired beauty is known for her cleavage-baring tops and tough-girl attitude. The New York Daily News claims the photos show Farley wearing a pair of boots, a skimpy wrap around her waist — and nothing else. The pics are supposedly being shopped around. JWoww for sale? Anyone? Bueller?

It is not clear when the photos were taken or what they were taken for. The lighting in the photos is said to be dark, with Farley posing in front of a brown background. For now, here are some other — less revealing, mind you — photos of eve
ryone’s favorite

enhanced Jersey Girl:

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