Jenni Maier Demands Prince Harry Sex Tape

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Jenni Maier, a top writer and editor for Crushable, is not impressed with mere nude photos of Prince Harry. She’s waiting for the real deal before she jumps into the pool: a sex tape.

After waking up on Wednesday and seeing that the whole world had already piled on to the “sex scandal” of a real Prince playing strip billiards and being caught with his pants down by TMZ, Maier yawned, rolled over and almost went back to sleep.

But, being the top celeb newshound she is, Maier decided to weigh in anyway.

“Call me cold-hearted, call me jaded and yes, even call me a Pulitzer-winning journalist,” wrote the Pulitzer-winning journalist, “but don’t call me for my opinion on these photos.”

Maier has a point.

Any number of celebrities can attest to the fact that a sex tape transformed their careers.

Topping the list is Kim Kardashian herself who proved, with her own sex tape, that she does have some talent after all.

After that, it’s been Kimmie K 24/7/365.

But what is the likelihood that Prince Harry will actually make one?

Not bloody likely. At least, not without his knowledge.

Oh, and by the way. Did Jenni Maier really win a Pulitzer?

Sex tape to follow…

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