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Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country began with Corinne reading gossip online to Jennie about her separation with Peter Facinelli. Jennie was outraged and said she wouldn’t write anything mean about their lives, which she knows nothing about. Hmm, maybe she doesn’t know anything about their lives because they don’t divulge their secrets on a reality show.

Jennie GarthRandy, Jennie’s manager called and wanted to issue a statement about the divorce. He also told her she needs to be prepared for questions about it when they go to New York that week for press regarding the show. She didn’t feel it was right that a statement needed to be released to make others feel comfortable about her divorce.

She went out to lunch with Adele and with the press around, she said she felt like an animal at the zoo. Why did she decide to do a reality show, and stay in the public eye if she hates it so much?

Jennie and Corinne flew to New York for press week. Corinne had never been to New York before and was excited and acted like a little kid. Too cute. Of course, Jennie said if she knew Corinne was going to act like a crazy tourist, she would’ve left her on the ranch to clean up poop. Does the woman know anything about being nice?

Wow, Jennie admitted she loved having Corinne around right now because she keeps her mind off things. Was that a real compliment? Kind of backhanded, but should we give her props for trying?

Jennie was frustrated that when it was time to promote the show, everyone wanted to ask questions about the divorce. Maybe because Twilight‘s Peter Facinelli’s divorce is higher ranking on the interest meter than her little country show?

Jennie had a tough time with the promotion, but Corinne was there for her like a rock.

After talking to the girls on the phone, Jennie told Corinne to cancel everything, she was going home.

The girls planned a small surprise birthday party for her when she arrived home.

Jennie stated that her girls were her first priority in life. Wow, she finally said something worth hearing.

She also stated that Corinne hasn’t grown as an assistant, but she has grown as a friend. It’s about time she realized it.

Jennie Garth ended the season by being A Little Bit Country playing with her girls out in the yard.

What did you think of the season? Did your opinion of Jennie change after watching the show? Do you think there will be a second season? Will you watch if there is one? Discuss in comments!

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